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Litteratur Bøger (engelsk) Acupuncture In Practice

Acupuncture In Practice
Varenr: 115046
630,00 kr. ekskl. moms (787,50 kr. inkl. moms)
440,00 kr. ekskl. moms (550,00 kr. inkl. moms)

SPAR 190,00 kr


A collage of theory, thought, approach and technique that is useful in clinical practice.

The diversity of cases presented illustrates the rich tradition of oriental medicine styles and techniques. Both a reference text as well as a clinically useful book that will be a source of both inspiration as well as introspection into the processes of oriental medicine. The style of the book makes both appealing reading as well as personal-- as opposed to the usual format employed in case history texts to date.

Forfatter: H. MacPherson and T. J. Kaptchuk
Forlag: Churchill Livingstone
Bogformat: Hardback
Sidetal: 482 sider
ISBN: 9780443050497

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