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Litteratur Bøger (engelsk) Understanding Acupuncture

Understanding Acupuncture
Varenr: 115039
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Understanding Acupuncture offers a fully developed analysis of the practice of acupuncture and its theoretical bases.

What is acupuncture, in all its diverse forms of practice?
What are the key concepts, which underpin current practice?
Exactly which historical and cultural factors have shaped the present and past development of acupuncture?
What is the reliable evidence on acupuncture, and what scientific studies have yet to be done?
When is acupuncture a realistic form of treatment?
Built on a thorough review of historical and scientific material, Understanding Acupuncture offers analysis, examples, cases and issues for discussion, forming a unique bridge between science and tradition.

Forfatter: Stephen J. Birch & Robert L. Felt
Forlag: Churchill Livingstone
Bogformat: Softback
Sidetal: 340 sider
ISBN: 9780443061790

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