The Art of Cupping

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For over 5000 years, cupping has been used across the globe to treat a broad spectrum of health disorders.

"A welcome addition...[The] author makes her guidance easy to adopt with the aid of numerous photographs of cup placement...excellent."--The Lantern

A safe, comfortable therapy, it requires only simple, inexpensive instruments to achieve highly effective results. This comprehensive guide features all the information practitioners need, including historical facts, step-by-step instructions for application, and treatment of specific health problems.

Detailed theory of dry and wet cupping.
Practical instructions for 45 different disorders.
Illustrated by real-life photographs from the authors practice.
Compact, user-friendly format for easy reference.
Each chapter of the practical section deals with a different area of the body and its disorders. Information is given on the complaint, the correct cupping application, supplementary and alternative therapies, as well as preventive treatment. Practice-oriented and highly detailed, this is an invaluable reference for experienced practitioners and an ideal learning tool for students.

Forfatter: Manz
Forlag: Thieme Medical Publishers
Bogformat: Softcover
Sidetal: 264 sider
ISBN (Nord & Syd Amerika): 9783131486011
ISBN (Europa, Asien, Afrika, Australien): 9783131486011


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