Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis

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Tongue diagnosis is a vital instrument used in Chinese medicine both for assessing the current health of a patient and providing a basis for prognosis. It also informs the practitioner about the underlying strength or weakness of the patient’s constitution.

This atlas contains over 320 color photographs of tongues seen in a Western clinic. The photographs provide a graphic representation of a wide variety of common disorders. Each photograph is accompanied by a description of the significant features of the tongue, the corresponding Chinese diagnosis for each such feature, accompanying symptoms, Western diagnosis, and pertinent background information.

The presentation of the tongues is organized according to the nature of the underlying disharmony: Lung, Spleen-Stomach, Kidney, Heart, Liver. Other chapters focus on particular aspects of the tongue, such as pale tongues, cracked tongues, special coating, as well as those associated with heat disorders and blood stasis. The text is interspersed with many full case histories that describe aspects that are not visible on the tongue alone.

Forfatter: Barbara Kirschbaum
Forlag: Eastland Press
Sidetal: 260
Bogformat: Hardcover
ISBN: 0939616335


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