Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children

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This is a new greatly expanded edition of this standard textbook. It explores many new topics and revises existing ones. There are 14 new chapters covering such subjects as basic childhood patterns, puberty and the stages of development, immunisations, learning difficulties, hayfever, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, autism, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy and infantile paralysis.

There is a new outline of patterns commonly encountered in children and an extensive list of paediatric symptoms and diseases that are treatable with acupuncture. The perspective is of course Chinese medicine but the focus of this new edition is firmly on the problems of treating children in the Western clinic. With each topic the authors address real-life questions such as how many treatments should be needed, when is massage or moxibustion sufficient without needling, how to deal with anxious parents, what are the effects of junk food, television and computer games on children's health etc.

Forfatter: Julian Scott & Teresa Barlow
Forlag: Eastland Press
Bogformat: Hardcover
Sidetal: 628 sider
ISBN: 0939616300


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