Treatment of Asthma

Treatment of asthma is fantastic to compinat vestern and eastern medicin. This treatment is only a sugestion. All patients should go to a medical doktor before You start treatment, the doctor should make different test like x-ray, ekg, pickflow etc.
The first treatment is for allergic asthma.
Always test pickflow before treatment(pickflow machine get it at the pharmacy/drugstore).
Auriculomedicine - Oprinpoint (Asp-perma), epifyse point, Cortisolpoint, Hypofysepoint, hypothalamus and lung point(Asp-Perma)All points has to be found with an point finder that can find 2 different electric frekvens. The best machine is agiscop d/dt from sedatelec. Buy it at Sandrini Import 75224705.
Eastern acupuncture Lu.5, lu.7, ren 22.
The idea is to stimulate the feedbacksystem between CRF/ACTH and gluccocortikiodes and leed the cortisol to the lung.
Lu.5,7 ren 22 to stimulate lung Qi.
This treatment should only be used on allergic asthma on young people or older but strong people. Never people with low immunosystem. This treatment strengthen the cortisol and slow down the histamin from the mast cells. Contraindications is that it can lower the immunosystem a little.

For older people use only the lung point (Asp-perma).
Eastern acupuncture MP.6, ST.36, Li.11, DU.20 the idea is to stimulate the immuno system and the lung.