Neck pain

Typical by soreness and pain and difficult to move once head. It looks like rheumatic pain or disc problem.

Invasion of wind and cold to the local channels and collateral's or problems with Qi and blood.

Most feel like the neck is locked and muscular soreness and pain in the morning. The can not turn the head to the side or back and forward. The soreness and pain may also radiate down in shoulders and arms. There is tenderness, but no swelling or redness of the local skin. Stool and urine is normal. Thin white tongue coating and wiry tense pulse.

Eliminate wind and cold and ease the tendons and collateral's by using points mainly form the Du channel, small intestine of hand taiyang and the bladder channel of foot taiyang.

Gb20, Du14, Bl10, Si14, Gb21, Si3.

Gb20, Du14, Bl10, Si14, Gb21 circulation of Qi and eliminate wind and coldSi3 together with the Du channel (Du20) stop tendones and pain. Treatment 20 minutes. Cupping on the tenderpoint (very effective). Moxibituon (nianying or pure moxa) on GB20 and Du20. Auricular terapi. Neck on the rising helix, jaw point, shoulders point and head point. A very effective but not very used exercise is to lay on a bed with the head over the end and looking at the floor. Pull the head back straight still looking at the floor, as many times before you get tired. (IT SHOULD NEVER GIVE PAIN; IF STOP THEN IT CAN DAMAGE NERVES AND CERVICAL DISC), this exercise strengthen the neck muscles, so the pain don't come back, the Qi and blood flows freely and the tenderness is gone.