Malposition of Fetus

Malposition of Fetus refers to the abnormal position of fetus in uterus after 30 weeks of gestation which occurs mainly in multipara or gravididas with lax wall of abdomen. The gravida has no subjective symptoms, only can the obstetric examination ensure the diagnose. The commonly seen conditions include breech and transverse presentations.

Etiology and Pathogenesis.
Uterine collaterals are linked with kidney. Constitutional kidney deficiency and the underminding of kidney by oversex or multiparity may give rise to the insuffiency of essence and blood. Furthermore, after conception, essence and blood are fully engaged in supporting the fetus and unable to sustain the uterus through the uterine colletesals, so the fetus is not maintained in normal position.

Usually the gravida complains of no subjective symptoms and obstetric examination is needed to make the diagnose.

Zhiyin Bl67, both sides.
In the treatment the patient unties the belt, sits in an armchair or lies supine on a bed. Moxibustion is given with a mox stick on the points 15-20 minutes each sites, once or even twice daily until the malposition is corrected. According to number of reports, the success rate is over 80%. The effect is better in multipara than in primipara. The optimal success time is seven month of gestation. It is fairly unsatisfactory over eight month of pregnancy, needling is also effective on these points.

From the book Acupuncture and Moxibustion 455 A3pages.
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