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The Klas-A81 – new model, more than twice as strong, for clinics and home use.

1 x 110 mW
Maximum output: 110 mW
808 nm

Powerful, effective 110 mW low-level laser for use by both acupuncturists and patients at home. Uses modern laser biostimulation. The Klas-A50 incorporates special laser diode technology and a computerised control interface.

Specially designed laser beam irradiates the chosen area (position close to skin).
Optics specially designed for maximum output; alcohol is recommended for cleaning.
Advanced circuitry ensures continuous output and protects the user against electrical discharge, temperature fluctuations etc.

The Klas-A50 is compact and shockproof – fits easily into a handbag or pocket.
Works in almost any environment (up to 60°C).
Simple on/off button for easy operation.
Uses three AAA batteries.


Operating environment: 0 to 60°C (10-95% RH) (non-condensing)
Store at: -20 to 85°C (10-95% RH) (non-condensing)
Power supply: 3 x AAA batteries (last for up to nine hours)
Laser material: Semiconductor laser diode
Wavelength: 808 nm
Power output: 110 mW
Laser beam spot: 0.013 cm2
Housing: Strong aluminium
Protected against: dust, water spray (partly waterproof), external ice crystals
Dimensions: 10.00 cm (length) x 3.00 cm (diameter)
Weight: 98 g (including batteries)

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