MedHelp JF5E – five sections

Varenummer: 111012

16.125,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 20.156,25 DKK)

Detaljer om produktet

Five-section MedHelp couch with castors. (Available in many colours.)

200 cm long
65 cm wide
Five sections
Electric height adjustment

Adjustable head and foot sections
Nose cut-away

Extras can be bought separately:
Width 80 cm (DKK 337.50)
Upholstery (DKK 600.00)
Foot pedal (DKK 750.00)
Hygiene roll holder Placed at head section. (DKK 600.00)
Foldable hand rest along central part of couch (DKK 1,350.00)
Design frame (DKK 1,500.00)

(The couch is shown with extras.)


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