MedHelp JD3 – three sections

Varenummer: 111007

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Detaljer om produktet

Three-section couch with manual height adjustment

195 cm long
65 cm wide
Three sections
Manual height adjustment
Adjustable head and foot sections
Nose cut-away

Extras can be bought separately:
Castors (DKK 1,125.00)
Three-section cushion (DKK 1,500.00)
Width 80 cm (DKK 337.50)
Upholstery (DKK 600.00)

(The couch is shown with extras.)


MedHelp JF5E – five sections

16.125,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 20.156,25 DKK)

MedHelp JU4E – four sections

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MedHelp JB2EP – two sections

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MedHelp JB3EP – three sections

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