Weelko Tempo

Varenummer: 131210

14.090,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 17.612,50 DKK)

Detaljer om produktet

Highly comfortable beauty chair, very stable. Designed to optimise the working area thanks to its 240° rotation. Four motors control height, backrest, seat inclination and adjustment of the height and movement of the legrest. Reclining armrests and adjustable headrest. Also available in a three-motor model.

Weight: 79 kg
Height range: 60-102 cm
Electric height adjustment: Yes
Width: 57 cm (82 cm with armrests)
Length: 186 cm
Breathing hole: Yes


Weelko Bito (Hvid)

4.690,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 5.862,50 DKK)

Weelko Medial (Hvid)

11.490,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 14.362,50 DKK)

Weelko Eron (Grå)

1.990,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 2.487,50 DKK)

Weelko Coxi (Hvid)

2.390,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 2.987,50 DKK)