Weelko Sphen (3M)

Varenummer: 131200

10.290,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 12.862,50 DKK)

Detaljer om produktet

Combination table which is perfect for therapists offering several treatments such as massage, acupuncture and reflexology etc. The Sphen table is a multi-purpose table. It features three motors for adjustment of mid-section, back section and height. It also features two removable side armrests as well as two height-adjustable armrests on the head section. The table is supplied with castors, face plug and a cushion in the same colour as the table.

Width: 76 cm (96 cm with armrests)
Length: 195 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Height range 53-86 cm
Supplied with castors, face plug and cushion
Quiet Danish Linak motors


Weelko Ibi (Grå)

3.890,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 4.862,50 DKK)

Weelko Maxi (Hvid)

11.490,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 14.362,50 DKK)

Weelko Latis (Hvid)

6.490,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 8.112,50 DKK)

Weelko Extens (Hvid)

7.390,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 9.237,50 DKK)