SNC-01 Steel Non-Silicon

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World premiere!

The SNC-01 Steel Silicon is a brand new type of needle based on the same successful principles as the rest of the CAIR series.

With the new product line we have created an out-of-the-ordinary steel needle. The body is made of top-quality Japanese surgical steel, resulting in a highly stable needle that doesn’t bend. Recommended for everyone, and especially for electroacupuncture.

SNC-01 Steel Silicon needles are individually packed in blisters and include a guide tube. The guide tube is rounded to avoid scratching the skin. The body is not silicone-coated but very smooth and insertion is almost pain-free for the patient.

100 needles per box
20 sheets per box
5 needles per sheet
1 needle per blister chamber


SSN-1 Steel Silicon

37,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 46,25 DKK)

CENS-3 Silicon

37,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 46,25 DKK)

CSC-2 Silver Silicon

30,00 DKK

(Inkl. MOMS 37,50 DKK)

SNC-1 Steel Non-Silicon

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