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Her finde du en lang liste med AcupunctureShop's egne artikler, samt artikler fra nettet og brugertilsendte artikler. Hvis du har fundet en relevant artikel eller selv har skrevet en, så send den gerne til info@acupunctureshop.com.


Nightmares Oppressive Ghost Dreams by Meng Yan
Lasers and De Qi
Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis
Acupuncture for Spinal Cord Injuries
50 years of Traditional Medicine
The Power of Patient Expectations
Acupuncture Protocols for Ramsey-Hunt Sy
The Promise of Far-Infrared Treatment
Placebo Acupuncture Needle
Pregnancy-Related Back Pain
Knee Problem
Acupuncture treats torticollis
Low Back Pain
Patella Chondromalacia
Uterine arteries of infertile women
Tai Chi benefits heart surgery patients
Acupuncture prevents breech birth
Acupuncture cures chronic hiccups
Acupuncture helps smokers to quit
Acupuncture effective in combatting nausea
Acupuncture acts directly on the brain
The impact of TCM
Headache Hovedpine
Neck pain
Treatment for ulcerative colitis rats
Effect on st 36 and mp 6
Trial on neck pain
Test-Tube Pregnancies
Acupunctures Therapeutic effect
China Gives Limited Approval to Western
Acupuncture available to Medicare and Fe
Latest development eciwo acupuncture
History of Needles
Auricular Acupuncture
Posturologi, Dr. Marignan
Eye Diseases
What Laser should I Buy
What is auricular acupuncture
Acupuncture works
Bells Palsy
Malposition of Fetus
The Treatment of Post-Polio Syndrome
Neck pain
High bloodpressure
Treatment of Asthma
Astma 1

Af Raphael Nogier

Introduktion til Raphael Nogier & Auriculoterapi
Auriculotherapy: The different kinds of points on the ear
VIIth International Symposium of Auriculotherapy
Functional diseases, organ diseases
Coupled stimulations and the Microlight of Micropad
Seminar on auriculotherapy andauriculomedicine for E.S.S.
Music and medicine
Auriculotherapy teaching in France
The body and the spirit
Two types of ear points
Parkinson, auriculomedicine and the use of permanent needles
Can wearing of earrings or piercings be harmful?
Tinnitus and its treatment in auriculotherapy
Dental focus
The concha
From drugs to life
Overweight, obesity and auriculotherapy
Prelobular sulcus
Cauterisation in auriculotherapy
Cutaneous photoperception
The L frequency
Food intolerance towards dairy products
The notion of arrangement and order
Migraines and Headaches: How to treat them
with auriculotherapy?

Detection of food allergies in Auriculomedicine

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